5 Ways to Maximize Your Facebook Cover Photo

Compelling images are a great way to tell your company’s story, and along with your website, social media gives you an excellent platform for visual storytelling. One of the most strategic spots to place an engaging image is your Facebook cover photo. It’s large and likely the first thing people see when they come to your Facebook page. Needless to say, you don’t want to post just any old photo up there.

Here are five ways to maximize this important space and take advantage of a free marketing opportunity.

1. Choose a photo (or collection of photos) that’s an accurate representation of your brand. Your cover photo is a great place to show, not tell, what your business and brand are all about. Keep text to a minimum and use images that are especially engaging. If you’re stumped on how to do that and need some inspiration, check out the Facebook pages of popular brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, Post-it and Starbucks.

2. Change with the seasons. Displaying your festive side to your followers or prospects who visit your page shows that your page is current and updated frequently. It’s also a nice way to boost potential sales during the holiday or other seasons (e.g. wedding, trade show, etc).

3. Use your own photography. Photography isn’t everyone’s thing, but it’s well worth the benefits to learn how to take great photos, even if it’s just with your phone’s camera. Stock photography has its purpose, but in social media, authenticity is key. With your own photos, you can capture images that better reflect your print shop and the people behind it.

4. Celebrate milestones. Don’t be shy—if you have a big accomplishment to celebrate, highlight it with a cover photo. Maybe you’ve been recognized for a community or industry reward or your business is celebrating an anniversary or you’re launching an exciting new product. Use your cover photo to tell people all about it. Milestones and turning points for your business can create a sense of excitement that’s contagious.

5. Follow Facebook’s guidelines and rules. It seems they’re always changing, so it’s a good idea to stay up to speed on Facebook’s rules for cover photos. For example, when cover photos were first introduced, Facebook was adamant that they not include a call to action. A few years ago, they lifted that rule and changed their cover photo policy. View the latest cover photo guidelines to see how compliant you currently are.