Personalized Marketing Turns More Heads

To capture your customers’ hearts, you need to appeal to them as individuals, and personalized marketing does that.

Consumers respond better to personalized emails. Over 65% of consumers say it’s important for email to be personalized. Think about how you react to marketing messages: If you receive something from a brand that’s relevant, you’re probably more likely to respond than you would to a generic message.

What you can do: Personalize your email efforts by listing an actual person in the “From” field (instead of just an email address) and begin your email subject lines with the recipient’s first name, as in, “Joe, have you heard about our new promotion?”

Personalization builds trust. More than half (52%) of all consumers trust brands that allow them to share their marketing preferences—like when and how often they wish to be contacted. If you allow your customers to call the shots in terms of how you communicate with them, they’ll appreciate the fact that you respect their wishes and aren’t simply trying to bombard them with messages until they respond. Again, personalization is about appealing to your customers as individuals with specific preferences, not as one huge mass market.

What you can do: Segment both your email and direct mail marketing efforts based on a recipient’s location, industry and job title and heed their communication preferences. If you allow them to determine when and how often they hear from you, by all means, adhere to their requests.

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