5 Ways to Improve Email Deliverability

Research shows that the biggest difficulty facing email marketers today is deliverability—getting messages through the spam filters and into your recipients' inboxes without a hitch. As quickly as ISPs (internet services providers) come up with new ways to fight spam, spammers find new ways to deliver it. This makes it challenging for legit businesses to actually get their messages through.

Luckily there are things you can do to avoid spam folders and allow your email messages to see the light of day. Here are five ways to improve deliverability and make the most of your email marketing efforts.

1. Keep your list clean and current. Be sure you have consent to send an email to someone—your success rate will go up if you keep your list clean with people who’ve opted in for your emails. Also, keep addresses current. Spammers’ lists are littered with invalid or old information. One of the ways ISPs spot them is by watching for mailings with a high percentage of bad addresses. So if an ISP bounces an address back to you as permanently undeliverable, remove it from your list immediately.

2. Create engaging messages. Personalize emails when you can. Keep content simple with a good balance of text and images. Spammers don’t usually do these things; it takes too much time. FYI: Emails with JavaScript and attachments also send red flags.

3. Tag images. An alt tag describes an image for a reader who can’t view the image in their mailbox (if their email client blocks images, for example, or if the person is visually impaired). Alt tags not only help readers but they also reassure spam filters. An image without an alt tag is an unknown blob to a spam filter and therefore looks suspicious.

4. Track performance. Learning about open rates and click-through rates will help you know what works and what doesn’t in your email marketing efforts. This data gives you insight into what content and subject lines are successful and how to improve your campaigns.

5. Hire an email service provider (ESP). When you send your emails through an ESP, it will help monitor your email deliverability and bounce-backs and make sure you’re compliant with anti-spam regulations. ESPs can also provide templates to make your email campaigns look more professional, so if you’re short on design help, this will be one less worry.

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