How to Optimize Your Website for Conversion

You can lead people to your website, but you can’t make them purchase, especially if you don’t ask for the close. The good news is it’s easy to make the changes that will boost conversion.

Here are six things you can do this month to make your site more consumer-friendly and ripe for sales.

1. Use a clean design that’s product-focused. In a consumer study by Oneupweb, 70.8% of shoppers said that having products displayed on the homepage is an influential factor in purchasing. Ultimately what consumers want to see is what you sell. Showcase your most popular products on your homepage to pique interest, and use high-quality images to display your work.

2. Make it easy to contact you. Display your contact info, including your phone number, clearly on your homepage. This does two things: It increases your credibility as a business, and it gives customers assurance that, if they need to talk to someone, help is just a phone call away.

3. Display trustmarks. Another easy way to improve credibility and make consumers feel secure with their purchase is by associating your store with groups and brands shoppers trust. Studies by McAfee and VeriSign show that online sales can increase by up to 36% when a retail site displays familiar trustmarks. Get validated by groups that represent security and good business practices such as VeriSign, TRUSTe and the Better Business Bureau, then display their logos in your site’s header or footer.

4. Post reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers. Did you know that featuring product reviews can improve sales by up to 18%? Pull a few of your best reviews and add them right to your homepage in the form of testimonials. Seeing that others have purchased and liked your products or services will increase your street cred with other buyers.

5. Personalize your About Us page. One way to set your store apart from competitors is to tell your story. What makes your business unique? When did it start? What do you specialize in? Think about what makes your company’s story interesting and engaging, then tell your visitors about it on your About Us page. This is will help to establish a connection with potential buyers.

6. Promote offers on your homepage. Everybody loves a deal, and when you offer a percentage-off promotion or run a special on a particular product, you should highlight that right on your homepage. A new customer may be more likely to give you a try if a promotion catches their eye. Your homepage spotlights are the perfect spot to showcase your current promos.