5 Ways to Make Your Calls to Action Compelling

When a customer lands on one of your product pages, you want him to convert or take an action that leads to a sale—and typically that comes in the form of clicking on a CTA button.

But not all CTAs are created equal. Some CTA buttons have higher conversion rates than others, and the reasons for this can often be narrowed down to a few specific variables.

Here are five things you can do to be sure your CTAs draw as many clicks as possible.

1. Use active language. With CTA buttons, action-oriented verbs like discover, find, purchase and add work best. Also, keep the copy clear and concise so the user knows exactly will happen when she clicks.

2. Play up time sensitivity. People are busy online. While they are browsing your website, they may also be fielding emails, taking a client call or drafting a tweet. With all of these potential distractions, keep your readers focused on clicking your CTA with a sense of urgency. Add words like “now” or “today” to remind them to take action immediately.

3. Make the button big. When it comes to a CTA, size matters. A tiny little button at the bottom of the page may easily get missed. Your CTA buttons should be big enough to be easily noticed and strategically placed in the user’s eye path.

4. Use contrasting colors. An effective way to make your CTA stand out is to contrast its color against the background of the page. You want to catch your user’s eye, so don’t let the button blend into the page. Shadows and borders can also help your button stand out and gain clicks.

5. Test, test and test again. Change the color. Try using different words. Experiment with placement on the page. Test your CTA buttons to help determine the most effective calls to action.

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