Increase Brand Awareness with Everyday Items

In marketing speak, there’s a term called “top of mind awareness” or TOMA. Basically it means making sure that your business is the first that comes to mind when customers want to buy what you sell. It’s like parking your brand right next to the “need” button in their minds—when they’re ready to purchase, you’re the first company they see.

One way to create this brand awareness is by putting your company name and logo on everyday items and transforming these items into smart marketing tools. Here are three examples of effective ways to do this:

Vehicles. Car door magnets, bumper stickers and vehicle wraps can all instantly transform your car into a marketing vehicle. Literally.

Stationery. Give notepads away to your customers so they see your brand every time they need to jot down a number or take notes in a meeting. It’s a cost-effective way to keep your company front and center.

Refrigerator magnets. Print your company name and contact info on refrigerator magnets with emergency numbers or handy conversion charts for recipe measurements. People love helpful reference tools like these, and it’s a great way to keep your brand displayed in their home.

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