Use Instagram and Pinterest to Promote Your Brand

People love pictures, and you create a visual product—perfect. With image-based social networks like Instagram and Pinterest, you have an excellent opportunity to show off your work and engage with users at the same time.

Here are some pro tips for promoting your business on these two popular networks.


•Invite users to window shop. With this social media app, you can offer a visual taste of your products and share useful information in the caption, like location details, sales and product information.

•Provide an insider’s view. Consumers are often intrigued by what happens behind the scenes of a business. Use photos to show how your products are made and give them a taste of the sign-making process. They’ll feel more connected to your business with an inside view of how your company operates.

•Introduce your people. We say this all the time: People don’t do business with companies. They do business with people. Use Instagram to personalize your company with pictures of you and your employees at work or at any company event.


•Think creatively. On Pinterest, your goal is to create engaging visual content. It’s all about the images, which should do two things: Catch your users’ attention and interest them enough to like or repin your content. This is how you’ll gain followers.

•Plan ahead. Decide how you want to build your brand on Pinterest. Do you want to portray your company as artistic and creative? Show the vast array of products and services you offer? Or do you want to highlight the industries you specialize in? Before you create a board, have a general plan in mind.

•Be active. It’s easy to start a Pinterest board, but it’s another thing to maintain an engaged Pinterest following. If you don’t update content and keep it fresh, you may lose followers. Avoid this by pinning new content every few days. If you have no new content, repin or like something you see.

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