We're always working to improve the SignPresence solution. Whether it's enhancing your current website or introducing something new, you can trust we're taking steps to give you the best website and marketing solutions possible. Here are some of the new enhancements from the past year.

  • Social Media Marketing.

    Social Media Marketing. With 500 million people on Facebook and over half a million business professionals on LinkedIn, social media provides sign and graphic companies an opportunity to build and strengthen relationships with local customers. With social media marketing, we will provide the training and customized materials to develop an intelligent, effective social media plan for your sign company, keeping you on top of your customer's mind every week.

  • Search Engine Services. With Firespring as your search engine partner, there's no need for you to research the jargon, technologies and algorithms behind search engines—we'll do all the complicated work for you.

  • Enhanced Shopping Cart.

    Enhanced Shopping Cart. Your shopping cart just got a little heavier. Here's a quick look at just some of the recent enhancements.

    • Separate "ship to" and billing addresses.
    • Real-time shipping rates.
    • Control of multiple shipments and indication of which shipment each item is in.
    • Instant online tracking of shipments.
    • Tax rates based on your customers' locations.

  • Enhanced Customer Portals.

    Enhanced Customer Portals.

    • Order Verification. Your clients will see a thumbnail image of the products they're ordering on the checkout screen. Plus, if they need to change a quantity, they can do it right here.
    • "Order now, pay later" option. We understand that some clients don't want to pay for a product until they receive it, but you want to make sure you get paid. With this new feature you can let the client enter their payment information at the time of ordering, but delay billing them until you deliver their order.
    • Multiple order approvers. Now you can set up several order approvers and give them access to approve only specific orders based on who submitted the order. This is great for multi-location or multi-division clients.

  • Enhanced Product Gallery.

    Enhanced Product Gallery. Now, you can create an unlimited number of product galleries and add them to any page of your site. You can also have greater control over your gallery, with the flexibility to adjust borders, spacing, color, alignment and thumbnail sizes.

  • Multiple Currencies. You can add a currency converter to your catalogs to attract more buyers. For those outside the U.S., you can even make the default currency on your site your local currency. Give us a call and we will activate it for you.

  • Site Manager.

    Site Manager. With drag-and-drop content management, you can easily organize information and images within a page, or rearrange pages within a navigation menu.

  • Analytics.

    Analytics. Track real-time data regarding traffic and the behavior of your website visitors. Used in conjunction with promotions and marketing efforts, Analytics will help you track marketing results and determine ROI.