With 500 million people on Facebook and over half a million business professionals on LinkedIn, social media provides sign companies like you an opportunity to build and strengthen relationships with local customers.

The challenge is, you may not have the time, staff or knowledge to properly build and maintain a social media marketing campaign that generates results. Don't worry, we have your back.

With social media marketing, we will provide the training and customized materials to develop an intelligent, effective social media plan for your business, keeping you on top of your market's mind.

Every package starts with a competitor analysis, where you'll learn how your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter presence compares to your competition. Based on discoveries from this analysis, we'll build a campaign designed to help you connect with your local market.

  • Receive a Facebook facelift with a custom landing page to keep your fans engaged on a regular basis. We'll generate up to five automatic industry-specific posts for you so your page is always fresh. You'll also receive best practices training guides and webinars to show you how to continue to engage customers.

  • You might not be the "tweeting" type just yet. But when you're ready to launch your Twitter presence, we're here to help. With a custom Twitter background, training resources and up to five posts generated every day, you can provide up-to-the-minute news, updates and specials to a community of qualified followers.

  • Start with an analysis and enhancement of your current LinkedIn page. Not on LinkedIn yet? We'll help build a new page just for you. Of course, best practices guides and webinars are included to help you get results from your LinkedIn network, including how to set up a page that connects you with buyers in your market and how to receive recommendations.